Wedding at St. Ambrose Cellars in Beulah Michigan

Kourtney and Steven have been sweethearts since high school.

Kourtney cares for the elderly at a nursing home and Steven works very hard building and constructing. These two have created a beautiful family with their lovely daughter Tessa. I was so honored to spend the day with them and their family and friends celebrating their love and commitment to each other.

The wedding took place at St. Ambrose Cellars and had gorgeous backdrops for the whole day.

The love from the guests was easily felt.

I asked Kourtney how the day went for her, how she felt about the photography and what advice she would give to potential brides…

 ” The day started great, I was only a little nervous :)
I felt very excited and nervous before the ceremony!

The reception was an absolute blast dancing and hanging out with friends and family…I felt like you as a photographer were very laid back and easy going, which was very comforting.

You made it easy to take good pictures, and made us feel very comfortable while taking pictures.

You were also a lot of fun :)!!

My first reactions to the pictures were that I absolutely loved them!!

I feel like you really captures some special moments on our wedding day for us!


My advice to any other bride would be to enjoy every single moment of your wedding day, even the stressful ones.

It all goes by so fast! you plan and plan for so long and its over before you know it, so truly soak in every little moment from your day!

St.Ambrose Cellar-Beulah-wedding-MI-KarunaPhoto-photo_0039St.Ambrose Cellar-Beulah-wedding-MI-KarunaPhoto-photo_0040

St.Ambrose Cellar-Beulah-wedding-MI-KarunaPhoto-photo_0034St.Ambrose Cellar-Beulah-wedding-MI-KarunaPhoto-photo_0033St.Ambrose Cellar-Beulah-wedding-MI-KarunaPhoto-photo_0027St.Ambrose Cellar-Beulah-wedding-MI-KarunaPhoto-photo_0028St.Ambrose Cellar-Beulah-wedding-MI-KarunaPhoto-photo_0029St.Ambrose Cellar-Beulah-wedding-MI-KarunaPhoto-photo_0030St.Ambrose Cellar-Beulah-wedding-MI-KarunaPhoto-photo_0031St.Ambrose Cellar-Beulah-wedding-MI-KarunaPhoto-photo_0032Tessa really enjoyed being a part of the celebration 

St.Ambrose Cellar-Beulah-wedding-MI-KarunaPhoto-photo_0035St.Ambrose Cellar-Beulah-wedding-MI-KarunaPhoto-photo_0043

Party Bus to Frankfort Beach

St.Ambrose Cellar-Beulah-wedding-MI-KarunaPhoto-photo_0036St.Ambrose Cellar-Beulah-wedding-MI-KarunaPhoto-photo_0037

This was so wonderful! A couple ladies from where Kourtney works.  She wanted them to be able to see her dress <3

St.Ambrose Cellar-Beulah-wedding-MI-KarunaPhoto-photo_0038St.Ambrose Cellar-Beulah-wedding-MI-KarunaPhoto-photo_0042

St.Ambrose Cellar-Beulah-wedding-MI-KarunaPhoto-photo_0041The Party!

St.Ambrose Cellar-Beulah-wedding-MI-KarunaPhoto-photo_0044St.Ambrose Cellar-Beulah-wedding-MI-KarunaPhoto-photo_0045St.Ambrose Cellar-Beulah-wedding-MI-KarunaPhoto-photo_0046St.Ambrose Cellar-Beulah-wedding-MI-KarunaPhoto-photo_0047

So many family and friends helped this day go smoothly. From the parents to the bridal party, it went beautifully!

Congratulations Kourtney and Steven!

Im Tracy. Oh hey!

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