Giving Back to the Universe and My Community


Ever wonder how I strive to "Give back" through reducing, reusing, and recycling in my work? Well, here's a peek behind the scenes:


Paperless Productivity: I rely on Trello, Google Docs, and email to manage my to-do lists, minimizing unnecessary paper usage. It's all about digital organization and a lighter environmental footprint!


Power Up with Reusables: My equipment runs on rechargeable batteries, keeping both my tech charged and resources conserved. Less waste, more efficiency!


Eco-Friendly Illumination: Throughout my workspace, compact fluorescent bulbs cast an energy-saving glow. Brighter ideas without burning through resources, that's the motto!


Virtual Connections, Real Impact: Meetings happen via email, Skype, and Zoom, reducing my carbon footprint by ditching unnecessary travel. Every bit counts!


Location, Location, Location: When in-person meetings are needed, I prioritize venues near public transport routes or bike paths. Walking, cycling, or taking the bus? Yes, please! Outdoor socially distanced chats are a bonus for fresh air and minimized emissions.


Local Love for Cartridges: My document printing utilizes recycled ink cartridges from a local Traverse City supplier. Supporting local businesses while being eco-conscious? Win-win!


Props with a Past: Photo sessions often feature restored or salvaged props, giving them a new lease on life. It's about reducing waste and adding unique charm to each shoot. Plus, temporary props become gifts or find new homes, spreading the "Give back" spirit further!


Eco-Albums You'll Treasure: Custom albums are crafted with environmentally friendly inks and paper, ensuring your memories are preserved sustainably. A beautiful keepsake with a green touch!


By making small, conscious choices in my work, I hope to contribute to a more sustainable future. Even small "Give back" actions can have a big impact when added together, right?



volunteers at an alzheimers walk

"Giving back" isn't just a tagline for me – it's woven into the fabric of my business and personal life. I'm currently searching for a new local project where I can contribute my time and talents, but looking back, I'm proud of the diverse organizations I've supported.


Locally: I've volunteered with the Women's Resource Center, TC Alzheimer's Association, Wexford Habitat for Humanity, and the TC STEP program, making a direct impact on my community.

Nationally: The ACLU's vital work resonates with me, so I contribute to their efforts to uphold civil liberties across the country.


Globally: My passion for empowering individuals extends beyond borders, leading me to donate profits to KIVA and the ICT, organizations providing microloans and technology access in developing countries.


I'm eager to hear about your experiences with "giving back," and I'd love to connect about potential local projects where I can lend a hand. Perhaps we can even combine forces to make a bigger impact together!


Together, we can build stronger communities, both near and far. Let's share ideas and make a difference!



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