Platte River Senior Photos

Mckinley is a 2018 senior and I am so happy for her :)  She is an amazing young woman who is filled with strength,  compassion, and so much fun. She first thought we might explore the Commons and get an urban feel, but a last minute location change to platte river,  was well worth it!  We started in the woods at the park and made our way down to the water.

Her family gave us time to explore while they had a relaxing walk on the beach. Mckinley had great ideas.

She does beautiful photography herself!

There were moments where water had to be forded but we managed to stay mostly dry…and as you can see, it was totally worth it!

Congratulations Mckinley! It’s an honor to photograph you and I know your future is very bright :)

p.s. It’s been fantastic watching you grow over the years. Thank you for being a good friend to Dylan.

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