Maddy + Joel // Elberta Life Saving Station//

Joel and Maddy got married on a perfect day at the Elberta Lifesaving Station. Family and friends came to Elberta, Mi. where Joel’s parents once had a cottage just down the road. So many memories were swirling and being created on 6-29-19. I wanted a little more “behind the scenes” info on how the day went from their perspective and was surprised!

Well, you’ll see:

How did your day start?

Mads: woke up very early after only getting 3 hours of sleep. I took a long shower then my maid of honor and I went to get breakfast. I couldn’t eat from the nerves. We then had my 3 bridesmaids and my mom arrive to get ready in my tiny room.

Joel: quick shower, a trip with the best man to get breakfast: which included mixed fruit and jimmy dean sausage sandwiches and chocolate milk, floundering around with all the groomsmen and best man to get my(our) tuxedos on.   :)

How did you feel during the ceremony?

Joel: I was afraid I would forget my (physical copy of) my wedding vows and I felt like I was changing. (In a good way) like I was no longer the center of my own attention. Unimaginable excitement and happiness but also a strange calm.

I cried when I saw (Joel). I really missed him and it had only been a night away…but I’ve grown accustomed to sleeping in the same bed as him for the last 4 years. I also knew his vows would be better than mine.

And once it was time for the reception?

Mads: I felt a bit overwhelmed by being the center of attention. A perk was that we got plates first to eat and after almost a whole day of not eating I was pretty famished!

Joel: Kinda felt like I was the president or a celebrity or like I won the lottery, everyone is enthralled with your presence and they wanted our undivided attention and I was torn emotionally because you can’t be there for everyone.

Was it enjoyable working with KarunaPhoto?

Joel: yes, because you have an attention to detail and you had a great attitude all through the day. Super friendly.

Mads: I love you! You’re so comfortable to be around and you take amazing pictures. I was so antsy to see them and they really turned out so beautiful. Thank you so much(again, x1million!!)

What is one suggestion you have for other couples?

Joel: the best thing you can do is be natural it will seem weird at first but once you see your pictures it will seem like it is through somebody else’s eyes.

Don’t overthink anything throughout the day. Just take everything in.

Mads: don’t stress, so many people will help you make sure your day goes as smooth as possible. (I stressed/cried the most about the weather and even if it would have rained we had a backup plan!)

A huge Thank you to the families and to the amazing team that made this wedding so special.

Congratulations Maddy and Joel!!

Coordinator/Florist ~  Simply Exquisite By The Bay

Officiant ~Sonja McCartney

Catering ~ Crystal Lake Catering

DJ ~ DJ Mikey (Heather)

Second Photographer ~ Jen Tucker



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