Tara & Alex’s wedding at Mission Table

They work with the public, love spending time with family and friends, and love to relax and enjoy a glass of wine together, so it’s no surprise that Tara and Alex had the perfect wedding at Mission Table .

Intimate spaces, gardens, and delicious food and wine created an atmosphere that allowed everyone to celebrate Tara and Alex’s love and commitment to each other.

I asked Tara if she would like to share some of her experience and she graciously did :)

I have combined it with the photos.

Congratulations Tara and Alex! Here’s to a lifetime of joy and love!


Tara-Alex-Wedding-Bowers-Traverse-City-MI-c-KarunaPhoto-photo865 copyI wasn’t nervous all day until I got to the bridal room about an hour and a half before the ceremony. Once I got there my stomach started to get the butterfly feeling, and I was getting a little anxious.

Tara-Alex-Wedding-Bowers-Traverse-City-MI-c-KarunaPhoto-photo331 copy

Tara-Alex-Wedding-Bowers-Traverse-City-MI-c-KarunaPhoto-photo818 copy

Tara-Alex-Wedding-Bowers-Traverse-City-MI-c-KarunaPhoto-photo311 copy

Tara-Alex-Wedding-Bowers-Traverse-City-MI-c-KarunaPhoto-photo815 copy

I want to mention that my bridesmaid Laura made all of the bouquets the morning of the wedding herself (huge savior).

Right before walking down the aisle I was most nervous (mainly I didn’t want to fall). During the actual ceremony I felt good, but it was a more “out of body” experience.

Tara-Alex-Wedding-Bowers-Traverse-City-MI-c-KarunaPhoto-photo850 copyTara-Alex-Wedding-Bowers-Traverse-City-MI-c-KarunaPhoto-photo980 copy

Tara-Alex-Wedding-Bowers-Traverse-City-MI-c-KarunaPhoto-photo981 copy

Tara-Alex-Wedding-Bowers-Traverse-City-MI-c-KarunaPhoto-photo986 copy

The thing I liked best was that Tracy took charge of the situation and commanded everyone’s attention.  I was glad you were there to keep everyone focused.
Tara-Alex-Wedding-Bowers-Traverse-City-MI-c-KarunaPhoto-photo029 - Copy copyTara-Alex-Wedding-Bowers-Traverse-City-MI-c-KarunaPhoto-photo000 - Copy copyTara-Alex-Wedding-Bowers-Traverse-City-MI-c-KarunaPhoto-photo005 - Copy copy

We LOVED the photos!

Every moment of our day was captured perfectly. From getting ready, all the way to our reception.

We loved the candid shots and the photos by the water the most. The only hesitation I had was walking through the sand/plants to capture the water photos.

I am so glad I listened to you. Those shots were some of our favorites!Tara-Alex-Wedding-Bowers-Traverse-City-MI-c-KarunaPhoto-photo097 copyTara-Alex-Wedding-Bowers-Traverse-City-MI-c-KarunaPhoto-photo098 copy

Tara-Alex-Wedding-Bowers-Traverse-City-MI-c-KarunaPhoto-photo080 copyTara-Alex-Wedding-Bowers-Traverse-City-MI-c-KarunaPhoto-photo085 copyTara-Alex-Wedding-Bowers-Traverse-City-MI-c-KarunaPhoto-photo090 copyTara-Alex-Wedding-Bowers-Traverse-City-MI-c-KarunaPhoto-photo091 copyTara-Alex-Wedding-Bowers-Traverse-City-MI-c-KarunaPhoto-photo092 copyTara-Alex-Wedding-Bowers-Traverse-City-MI-c-KarunaPhoto-photo093 copy Mission Table (Bowers Harbor) was AMAZING.

It was exactly the place we were looking for and had imagined.

The view from the lawn and the grounds themselves made an amazing backdrop for our pictures.

Tara-Alex-Wedding-Bowers-Traverse-City-MI-c-KarunaPhoto-photo107 copyTara-Alex-Wedding-Bowers-Traverse-City-MI-c-KarunaPhoto-photo109 copy

Our family is still talking about how amazing the food and wine was, and our servers (Tim and Tim) were awesome!

Tara-Alex-Wedding-Bowers-Traverse-City-MI-c-KarunaPhoto-photo111 copyTara-Alex-Wedding-Bowers-Traverse-City-MI-c-KarunaPhoto-photo116 copyTara-Alex-Wedding-Bowers-Traverse-City-MI-c-KarunaPhoto-photo133 copyTara-Alex-Wedding-Bowers-Traverse-City-MI-c-KarunaPhoto-photo137 copyTara-Alex-Wedding-Bowers-Traverse-City-MI-c-KarunaPhoto-photo151 copyTara-Alex-Wedding-Bowers-Traverse-City-MI-c-KarunaPhoto-photo143 copyTara-Alex-Wedding-Bowers-Traverse-City-MI-c-KarunaPhoto-photo129 copy


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