Sustainable Practices

Sustainable Practices at KarunaPhoto

  • Digital files are offered for download instead of shipping.
  • I use both restored and salvaged props.
  • Kraft or recycled packaging for presentation.
  • In my office, I use for my to do lists.
  • I also have compact fluorescent energy saving light bulbs throughout my space.
  • Locations and meetings can be located close to tart trails or BATA routes so that mass transit or bikes/feet can be used.
  • Google docs and email help cut down paper use.
  • Recycled ink cartridges from a local supplier.
  • Email correspondence and skype meetings cut down on carbon footprint.
  • Temporary props are offered to the client or donated.
  • The compost pile is 33 feet from the office.
  • Rechargeable batteries are used with most of my equipment.