Sustainable Practices & Giving Back

Sustainable Practices:

Digital files are offered for download instead of shipping.

I use both restored and salvaged props.

In my office, I use for my to-do lists.

Google docs and email help cut down paper use.

Rechargeable batteries are used with all my equipment.

I also have compact fluorescent energy saving light bulbs throughout my space.

Email correspondence and skype meetings cut down on carbon footprint.

Locations and meetings can be located close to tart trails or BATA routes so that mass transit or bikes/feet can be used.

Recycled ink cartridges from a local supplier.

Temporary props are offered to the client or donated.

Albums use scrap cellulose and are eco-friendly both in ink and paper content.


Giving Back from your (Our) business:

50% of  all Albums production cost goes to

I offer free Senior Photo sessions for students through the local STEP program

I also volunteer free photography to the Alzheimer’s Foundation.

I offer my services at a reduced price to my alma mater’s NMC and GVSU.

And finally, other ways I give back financially are through KIVA, ICT, ACLU, RED CROSS, and  DONORS CHOOSE.