Senior Year for Bruce! 2015

Bruce is graduating!

It’s his Senior year and I couldn’t be more excited for him.

What a pleasure it was getting to spend time with him. He really has the love and support of his family and  “Adventure” is his middle name!

We had a great hike and Bruce is a natural in front of the camera.

Thanks for such a fun session and I know you will have an amazing Senior year, Bruce :)


Traverse City-state hospital-village-senior-2015-KarunaPhoto-photo_0002Traverse City-state hospital-village-senior-2015-KarunaPhoto-photo_0003Traverse City-state hospital-village-senior-2015-KarunaPhoto-photo_0004Traverse City-state hospital-village-senior-2015-KarunaPhoto-photo_0005Traverse City-state hospital-village-senior-2015-KarunaPhoto-photo_0006Traverse City-state hospital-village-senior-2015-KarunaPhoto-photo_0007Traverse City-state hospital-village-senior-2015-KarunaPhoto-photo_0008Traverse City-state hospital-village-senior-2015-KarunaPhoto-photo_0009Traverse City-state hospital-village-senior-2015-KarunaPhoto-photo_0010

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