Senior Portraits In Manistee

Hey Everyone, meet Gaige. Gaige is a Senior in Manistee, class of 2015!

Gaige is super hard working. He works out of the bay on a fishing boat (when the lake isn’t frozen), and has his eye on a business degree.

He is looking at colleges and CMU has peaked his interest.

I loved spending the afternoon with him!

p.s He’s my cousin :)





Gaige and JacksonSenior-2015-Gaige-Manistee-MI-KarunaPhoto-photo_0016

Gaige’s name means, “Courage without fear!”Senior-2015-Gaige-Manistee-MI-KarunaPhoto-photo_0012Senior-2015-Gaige-Manistee-MI-KarunaPhoto-photo_0013Senior-2015-Gaige-Manistee-MI-KarunaPhoto-photo_0018Senior-2015-Gaige-Manistee-MI-KarunaPhoto-photo_0015Senior-2015-Gaige-Manistee-MI-KarunaPhoto-photo_0014Senior-2015-Gaige-Manistee-MI-KarunaPhoto-photo_0019I know he is going to do  great things!


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