Cheboygan Lighthouse Wedding

Marsha and Jim are such a loving couple, and with their sweet dog Ria, they are a lovely family as well.

I was so honored that Marsh picked me to do the photos. We had an engagement session first that helped her and Jim feel more comfortable before the big day.

On August 16th in Cheboygan, Michigan at the 40 Mile Point Lighthouse, surrounded by friends and family, Marsha and Jim created a day that was full of joy and fun.

Marsha’s advice for other Brides, “Be in the moment and be present. Soak in and cherish each moment of that day because it’ll go by so fast..”

The day may have but I know Marsha and Jim’s love will last a lifetime!



Cheboygan-Michigan-Wedding-40 Mile Point Lighthouse-KarunaPhoto-photo_0032

Marsha’s parents were represented by these special keepsakes

Cheboygan-Michigan-Wedding-40 Mile Point Lighthouse-KarunaPhoto-photo_0033Cheboygan-Michigan-Wedding-40 Mile Point Lighthouse-KarunaPhoto-photo_0034Cheboygan-Michigan-Wedding-40 Mile Point Lighthouse-KarunaPhoto-photo_0035Cheboygan-Michigan-Wedding-40 Mile Point Lighthouse-KarunaPhoto-photo_0036Cheboygan-Michigan-Wedding-40 Mile Point Lighthouse-KarunaPhoto-photo_0037

Marsha and her ladies were fabulous!


Jim and his groomsmen were very handsome.

Cheboygan-Michigan-Wedding-40 Mile Point Lighthouse-KarunaPhoto-photo_0039Cheboygan-Michigan-Wedding-40 Mile Point Lighthouse-KarunaPhoto-photo_0040

The location was just stunning!

Cheboygan-Michigan-Wedding-40 Mile Point Lighthouse-KarunaPhoto-photo_0042Cheboygan-Michigan-Wedding-40 Mile Point Lighthouse-KarunaPhoto-photo_0043Cheboygan-Michigan-Wedding-40 Mile Point Lighthouse-KarunaPhoto-photo_0044Cheboygan-Michigan-Wedding-40 Mile Point Lighthouse-KarunaPhoto-photo_0045Cheboygan-Michigan-Wedding-40 Mile Point Lighthouse-KarunaPhoto-photo_0048

Such beautiful emotion that even the officiant got choked up too!

Cheboygan-Michigan-Wedding-40 Mile Point Lighthouse-KarunaPhoto-photo_0047
Cheboygan-Michigan-Wedding-40 Mile Point Lighthouse-KarunaPhoto-photo_0046Cheboygan-Michigan-Wedding-40 Mile Point Lighthouse-KarunaPhoto-photo_0049


Cheboygan-Michigan-Wedding-40 Mile Point Lighthouse-KarunaPhoto-photo_0062Cheboygan-Michigan-Wedding-40 Mile Point Lighthouse-KarunaPhoto-photo_0063Cheboygan-Michigan-Wedding-40 Mile Point Lighthouse-KarunaPhoto-photo_0064Cheboygan-Michigan-Wedding-40 Mile Point Lighthouse-KarunaPhoto-photo_0065Cheboygan-Michigan-Wedding-40 Mile Point Lighthouse-KarunaPhoto-photo_0066

Formals don’t always have to be so…formal!

Cheboygan-Michigan-Wedding-40 Mile Point Lighthouse-KarunaPhoto-photo_0067

Cheboygan-Michigan-Wedding-40 Mile Point Lighthouse-KarunaPhoto-photo_0060Cheboygan-Michigan-Wedding-40 Mile Point Lighthouse-KarunaPhoto-photo_0054Cheboygan-Michigan-Wedding-40 Mile Point Lighthouse-KarunaPhoto-photo_0055Cheboygan-Michigan-Wedding-40 Mile Point Lighthouse-KarunaPhoto-photo_0061Cheboygan-Michigan-Wedding-40 Mile Point Lighthouse-KarunaPhoto-photo_0050Cheboygan-Michigan-Wedding-40 Mile Point Lighthouse-KarunaPhoto-photo_0051Cheboygan-Michigan-Wedding-40 Mile Point Lighthouse-KarunaPhoto-photo_0052Cheboygan-Michigan-Wedding-40 Mile Point Lighthouse-KarunaPhoto-photo_0058Cheboygan-Michigan-Wedding-40 Mile Point Lighthouse-KarunaPhoto-photo_0053Just love these two.
Cheboygan-Michigan-Wedding-40 Mile Point Lighthouse-KarunaPhoto-photo_0056Cheboygan-Michigan-Wedding-40 Mile Point Lighthouse-KarunaPhoto-photo_0057
Cheboygan-Michigan-Wedding-40 Mile Point Lighthouse-KarunaPhoto-photo_0059Vendors
Beth’s Flowers ~ Kanffle’s Tent Rental

Dan Frazer (DJ) ~ Bill Phillips(Guitarist)

Your Spirit Bakery & Cafe ~ Bliss Brownies

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