Tour of the Village (old State Hospital) in Traverse City, Mi.

I had a tour of the Village. Dr. Munson had a vision for people to be calmed and healed by nature. He created a place where patients could live and work in a gorgeous, thriving environment..

So many things changed over the years but the beauty that was once at the hospital is being recreated through the Minervini group and the community.

Most of the grounds and buildings have been repaired, refurbished, and filled with amazing businesses and homes. I have had the personal pleasure of watching it all take shape these last ten years. It is a favorite spot!

My daughter and her friend were dying to see the tunnels and buildings that are still in process. (the last and slated to be refurbished soon!)

Fortunately the Village held a few more tours with the money going towards the Chapel being repaired.

It’s quiet the experience and place..enjoy!

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