Smith Family Session in Traverse City, MI

On a day in late December, you might expect snow and frigid temperatures to be an issue.

Instead, this family had to put up with damp fog and squishy trails!

The first photo was actually at the end of our adventure, but Sarah told me how special the buildings were.

“When the girls were little we used to tell them that the buildings were castles and there was one for each of them.”

My own son Dylan and I, used to explore here as well, when he was little.

He and Gabby, (beautiful girl in white boots) have been friends since first grade, I think.

So, it was such an honor to be able to photograph the whole amazing Family in this beautiful place!


Smith-Family-traverse city-old-state-hospital-December-2014-MI-KarunaPhoto-photo_0087




Smith-Family-traverse city-old-state-hospital-December-2014-MI-KarunaPhoto-photo_0088Smith-Family-traverse city-old-state-hospital-December-2014-MI-KarunaPhoto-photo_0086Smith-Family-traverse city-old-state-hospital-December-2014-MI-KarunaPhoto-photo_0079Smith-Family-traverse city-old-state-hospital-December-2014-MI-KarunaPhoto-photo_0080Smith-Family-traverse city-old-state-hospital-December-2014-MI-KarunaPhoto-photo_0082Smith-Family-traverse city-old-state-hospital-December-2014-MI-KarunaPhoto-photo_0081Smith-Family-traverse city-old-state-hospital-December-2014-MI-KarunaPhoto-photo_0084Smith-Family-traverse city-old-state-hospital-December-2014-MI-KarunaPhoto-photo_0083Smith-Family-traverse city-old-state-hospital-December-2014-MI-KarunaPhoto-photo_0085

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