Press Meister Oils at the Market

So, you guys!

I had an assignment from Edible Grande Traverse Magazine, to photograph PRESS MEISTER OILS at the indoor market in Traverse City, Mi. (The new issue is out, and free!)

It was super busy and I grabbed a chai before I got started.

I really do hope you have farmer’s markets that you can get local product from..cause the experience is amazing!

Take Christoph for example, I can’t have him.. he is happily married with a new baby on the way… but he makes these amazing cold pressed oils from delicious nuts and seeds.  Hazelnuts, dill, flax, and even milk thistle, none are safe from being squeezed down to their essence.

Here, I’ll have him tell you how he got started (from his website),

“My interest started in fall of 2010 when I discovered at a farmers market in Germany how vibrant, flavorful and intense flax seed oil can taste when it comes straight from the press.  

As a trained chef, this experience of tasting flavorful and fresh-pressed oil made me realize how under-appreciated great quality botanic oils are and how hard they are to find. I decided that it is worth exploring what oils I could come up with that get me and other people excited.” 

See! He found his passion at a farmer’s market!

So go to his page and check out where he is this summer, or you can order oils right from his site.

He even gives you a booklet with fabulous recipes if you are stumped on what to do with the oil.

I’m going to try the pumpkin and then the flax seed.

After  few gulps of the chai, I got the camera out and took lots of photos while learning all about Press Meister oils.

What a great day!

Tell me what passion you have discovered at your farmer’s market….


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