Natalie & Seth’s Wedding

Natalie & Seth’s wedding was both beautiful and personal. So many little touches from family and friends made it a day to remember. She and Seth just “knew” when they met and were so excited to have their wedding at the Grandparents home. Through tears and laughter they promised to love each other surrounded by family and friends.

She has allowed a *peek* at how it all went and I know you’ll enjoy her generous heart and great advice:

Natalie, How did your wedding day start?
N: Our day seemed to start off a little on the chaotic side because of the rain. I think my day started off a little better than my husbands(Seth). He was back at the house trying to set up while I was out with my girls getting out hair done. Then when it was getting closer to the ceremony time, we were running a little late but that’s okay because that’s how it usually goes right? :)
Seth-Natalie-Wedding-Buckley-MI-c-KarunaPhoto-photo980 copy
How did you feel just before the Ceremony?
N: While I was getting ready for the ceremony there were so many thoughts going through my mind. I am a very emotional person so of course I was balling my eyes out but I had to keep telling myself that everything was going to work out perfectly and no matter what happens, I’m here to marry my best friend and that’s all that matters.
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Seth-Natalie-Wedding-Buckley-MI-c-KarunaPhoto-photo074 copySeth-Natalie-Wedding-Buckley-MI-c-KarunaPhoto-photo078 copySeth-Natalie-Wedding-Buckley-MI-c-KarunaPhoto-photo083 copySeth-Natalie-Wedding-Buckley-MI-c-KarunaPhoto-photo100 copySeth-Natalie-Wedding-Buckley-MI-c-KarunaPhoto-photo104 copy
Where you nervous about having me as your photographer?
N:The thing i loved most about you was that you had such a positive attitude and you were so fun to be around:) You made sure we had every picture we could think of and wanted. You absolutely knew what you were doing and you helped keep everyone on track when it came to formals. There is not one thing that we would have wanted differently:)
Seth-Natalie-Wedding-Buckley-MI-c-KarunaPhoto-photo141 copySeth-Natalie-Wedding-Buckley-MI-c-KarunaPhoto-photo254 copySeth-Natalie-Wedding-Buckley-MI-c-KarunaPhoto-photo275 copySeth-Natalie-Wedding-Buckley-MI-c-KarunaPhoto-photo235 copy
Who would you like to give a special “Thank You,” too?
N: I would like you to recognize my mother in law Kathleen Schroeder because she put together all my decorations, my mom Candy Gruszka and my sister Nicole Landowski because they were such a big help in all the planning, my Nanny and Papa for hosting our beautiful wedding at their beautiful home, Navari Hair Studio ( Miranda did my hair (absolutely amazing job and a great person!)), Potter’s bakery where my cake was made (soooo yummy!!), Hagstroms Flowers where I had my bouquet made.
Seth-Natalie-Wedding-Buckley-MI-c-KarunaPhoto-photo242 copySeth-Natalie-Wedding-Buckley-MI-c-KarunaPhoto-photo931 copySeth-Natalie-Wedding-Buckley-MI-c-KarunaPhoto-photo347 copySeth-Natalie-Wedding-Buckley-MI-c-KarunaPhoto-photo344 copySeth-Natalie-Wedding-Buckley-MI-c-KarunaPhoto-photo358 copySeth-Natalie-Wedding-Buckley-MI-c-KarunaPhoto-photo329 copySeth-Natalie-Wedding-Buckley-MI-c-KarunaPhoto-photo342 copy
What’s one suggestion you would give to other Brides?
N: One suggestion I would have for other brides would be to make Tracy your photographer, honestly! No bride will go wrong with Tracy Grant as their photographer:)
(Aww! Thank you!)
Seth-Natalie-Wedding-Buckley-MI-c-KarunaPhoto-photo374 copySeth-Natalie-Wedding-Buckley-MI-c-KarunaPhoto-photo295 copySeth-Natalie-Wedding-Buckley-MI-c-KarunaPhoto-photo312 copySeth-Natalie-Wedding-Buckley-MI-c-KarunaPhoto-photo285 copySeth-Natalie-Wedding-Buckley-MI-c-KarunaPhoto-photo289 copySeth-Natalie-Wedding-Buckley-MI-c-KarunaPhoto-photo304 copySeth-Natalie-Wedding-Buckley-MI-c-KarunaPhoto-photo317 copywedding
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