Mercedes & Jordan’s Interlochen Reception

Mercedes and Jordan are an amazing couple. At our meeting their shared energy crackled with intensity.. really!

The two of them had just arrived from Utah, and Mercedes had just graduated from BYU! (Congratulations :)

They were soon to have their wedding in Utah so we talked about the special reception they wanted to have here with Michigan family and friends.

I want Mercedes to tell you her story. She is an excellent writer. Afterwards, please enjoy the beautiful day in photos below and Congratulations Mercedes and Jordan!!

How did you and Jordan meet?

“Jordan and I first met at a church social at BYU. Before that party, I had decided that I wanted to make the best of my senior year and so I was going to be super social and get to know EVERYONE! The social was coming to a close when I walked up to Jordan and his roommates to get to know them a bit. I asked him where he was from and he proceeded to roll his eyes at me because explaining where he is from is kind of hard (born in North Carolina, high school in England, parents live in Canada, and he’s lived in a few other states on top of that). So my first impression of him was that he was rude and while cute, certainly not worth my time.

Over the next few days, however, we ended up hanging out during all of our free time and I learned that he is – contrary to my first impression – the sweetest man I have ever known. We had a bit of a whirlwind week that included ice cream, staying up until 4 am walking around campus, lots of laughing, and concluded with him asking me to be his girlfriend. It was kind of comical, actually, because he had asked me out for our “first date,” which was going to be the following weekend at an amusement park.

So before we even went on our first pre- planned date, we were officially together. Neither of us are perfect, but we are perfect for each other and I think that makes our love something very special.”

And how did Jordan Propose? ( I love asking couples this)

“Jordan came to meet my family in Michigan over New Year’s and I knew that he had asked my Dad for my hand in marriage then, so as soon as we got back to Provo I knew it had to be coming soon.
One day, he said that we should go somewhere really nice that weekend for dinner. Somewhere we could dress up fancy and treat ourselves. We picked a restaurant in Salt Lake City (about a 45 minute drive for us) and decided we would go on Saturday night. I was about 85% sure that he was going to propose that night. We finished our dinner and ordered a dessert to split. When I couldn’t finish my half because I was so full, he urged me to anyway. I was sure that he had hidden the ring in the dessert, so I started eating it from lots of different angles, trying to dig through and find the ring!
Finally, he said something like “you don’t have to finish it” and with a sigh of relief at not having to force feed myself cake, we left. Before we got on the freeway, he took his tie off and handed it to me with instructions to blindfold myself, which I did. We drove the whole 45 minutes back down to Provo with me blind folded in the car! He pulled up to a park where he had asked two of our friends to line a bridge that went over a river with candles. He walked me out onto the bridge, took my blindfold off, and dropped to one knee. It was so beautiful with all of the snow and the candles; it was perfect! Afterwards, we celebrated with a Slurpee and a red box :) “
What would you tell other couples who are doing a destination reception?
“If I had any advice to other couples who wanted to do a reception in a different place than their actual wedding, I would say to just relax. We threw one in Michigan because I wanted to make sure that all of my friends and family were going to be able to celebrate with us eve though we got married in Utah. Whenever I was stressed out about planning a party 1,700 miles away, I remembered why I did it. If the lights weren’t perfectly strung or something weird ended up happening, it was all going to be o.k. because I was doing it for the people I love, not for any of the glamour.”















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