Marina & Dan’s Wedding in Northport, MI

Marina and Dan are a sweet couple. I met Marina back in May. She and Dan met at her work. Her eyes really lit up whenever she talked about him.  I couldn’t wait to meet him :)

She brought her soon to be sister in-law with her to help plan and discuss. We had a great time over coffee and got to know each other.

The day came for their wedding and it was lovely!

Dan’s family had a gorgeous home and the bridal party was a lot of fun!

I’ll let Marina tell you how it went for her…

“The morning of the wedding we had a lot to do, like decorating the tent, bringing flowers, getting makeup done, hair, etc. I felt very overwhelmed at first, but my girlfriends and family members basically kicked me out of the reception site, took me to breakfast and assured me that everything will be done, and I have to focus on myself. Dan’s sisters Shannon, Sally and our friend Chelsea did all the decorations for the tent, Katherine, Lynn, Jackie, Kristy helped with the flowers. (Can you believe they did the flowers themselves?! Gorgeous!)


The weather couldn’t have been any better, it was nice and sunny all I could hope for. Around 3 pm my bridesmaids arrived (Iryna and her sister Olga) and were  helping me to get dressed. After I put the dress on with my hair and makeup done, with the pearl necklace (that Dan gave me for my birthday), the picture in the mirror looked so perfect, I couldn’t believe it was actually happening. I was marrying my best friend, the one and only, he is everything I could ask for.


The ceremony site couldn’t look any better! Gorgeous backdrop: Lake Michigan, cherry orchid, that beautiful birch tree in the middle. I was glad to see everyone and their happy faces, those who gathered there to celebrate our special day.


I knew I was going to cry… but surprisingly I was holding on and right before walking down the aisle my bridesmaid decided to tear up… standing there with my mom, and being extremely thankful she could be there for this special day, listening to her and her words about marriage, happiness and how blessed she feels made me realize how happy I am!


When we arrived to the reception all I could remember is a lot of happy faces, everyone dancing and having fun! Everything we were trying to achieve! I remember hilarious speech of my bridesmaid, she got everything right to the tiniest details! Amazing song from my sister, great Russian speech by Jason/our MC for the party(Dan’s little Brother), and of course very touching speeches from Dan’s father and my mother. And then a lot of dancing!


I loved working with you period. But there things I would like to specify: it was amazing the fact that it was so easy with you, never saw you, but the moment I needed you, you were there. I liked your help with poses, attention to detail. I really appreciate you staying the extra time for the Russian ritual, being so patient and understanding.” ~Marina

(The beautiful exchanging of the veil, by the mother’s, for a scarf, symbolizing that Marina is officially married :)


Congratulations Marina and Dan!

Much love to you and your families,



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