Loving Dove Farm and the Frankfort Farmer’s Market

The sun was out, and I had an afternoon to capture Loving Dove Farm, at the Frankfort Market, along the water in Frankfort, MI.

Even though it was October, I had to take off my jacket as I moved through the crowds.  People were shopping and waiting for the harvest parade.

I walked up and down the sidewalk, enamored with all the gorgeous produce and local wares that were on display. I had to back track to find Grace. She had a prime spot, right at the corner.

In between her helping and chatting with her many customers, I was able to get some beautiful photos.

Thank you Grace for sharing your time with me. I urge you all to stop by the Frankfort Market to get some of her delicious creations!

You can read more about Grace and Loving Dove Farm in the Holiday Issue of Edible Grande Traverse.

And she and many other local farms will be at the indoor market as well.  I know I would love anything she makes for a Holiday gift…*wink*

“Saturday mornings shop along the Shore of Betsie Bay and the Frankfort harbor on Lake Michigan in Downtown Frankfort. The Frankfort Farmers Market is open “All Year Round on Saturday mornings. Indoors (November – April) at the Recreation Center, 832 Main Street along the Waterfront. Indoor hours are 9 am to 1 pm. Outdoors (May – October) at the Open Space Park, 7th – 9th Streets & Main Street along the Waterfront. Outdoors hours are 9 am to 1 pm.”


Loving Dove Farm Frankfort, Mi Market photo_0023

Loving Dove Farm Frankfort, Mi Market photo_0024

Loving Dove Farm Frankfort, Mi Market photo_0022

  • Linda Remington (remi) - Thank you for the great article and photos of Grace and her site.
    I am a local artist and paint the market.
    Would you allow me to use some of your photos to compose a painting?

    It would be not be exactly as you photoed but elements of the photos.

    Thank you again

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