Inspiration and Creativity

I am feeling like Inspiration and creativity have struck! Food inspires me.

I want you to see it’s beauty like I do.

This is dinner tonight.

The others are what came after I started playing with my new back drop (an old piece of tin ceiling tile, thank you fellow photog and friend Coreene).

Really, I get started and just have to go with it…dinner will probably be on time.

What inspires you?


The Play
Conny Jasper

“The year, the day, or the time,
It is not important,
Yesterday is gone,
Tomorrow does not yet exist.
Only now do you have the chance
To be whoever you are.
Only now can you live
With the passion of spirit
And the spark of inspiration.
This is where everything ends,
And where everything begins,
Right here, right now
In the flow of what is.
This is all that you have.
Hold on, but let go.
Connect, but be separate.
Unite with the trust of the seed that grows in the earth,
The child that grows in the womb.
There is pain in growth,
But there is also wisdom.
To know is to know not.
Every movement, every transition is a risk,
It is an opportunity to transform.
It does not matter what it all means,
It is a play that exists in eternity.

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