Ethics and Business

“The Buddha introduced a system of ethics into the process of acquiring wealth. Certainly his general ethics — which always advocate compassion for others — apply to any endeavor, but the Buddha also set specific guidelines regarding business.
First, a person engaged in profit-making should not deceive or harm customers or any others involved. He or she must ‘gradually increase wealth without squeezing others, just as bees collect honey without harming flowers.’ Thus, whatever wealth one possesses should be acquired ‘through just means.’ Fairness is so vital to making a profit that, before beginning an ambitious professional or business, one should first make a resolution not to exploit others…”

~- Bhikkhu Basnagoda Rahula
From the book, “At Home At Work in the World,” published by Wisdom Publications.

This quote reaffirms the way that I have steered my business since the beginning.

My photos and services are priced fairly and I never want to exploit my clients.

I want you to have fun, love your photos, and look back fondly on the whole experience with KarunaPhoto.

This spring I have refocused my efforts on being the best Photographer I can be. I’m learning to merge the creative side of my brain with the business side. It’s exciting to be in a place mentally were it all starts to make sense and is not scary.

My expanding knowledge allows you, the client, to have gorgeous photos that don’t hurt the pocketbook in this rebuilding economy.

I’m currently looking into more ways to”Green” my company. I would love to hear any and all of your ideas as I truly value your opinions!

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