Daniel 2012

Daniel has been a part of my life almost every day for 7 years.
Mornings at 7:30am he would arrive to ride with the family to school. He fit right in with my kids; Learned to argue and goof around on the 28 mile drive just like them!
This year things changed. Daniel is about to graduate. I am so excited for him, but now he drives himself.
No more Mondays riding up front (the kids rotate who gets the front seat) and no more country music on his day. (Phew! lol Just kidding.)
Thankfully his Mom asked me to take Daniel’s senior photos.
We kept it local and headed to the bridge. Turkey gnats and poison ivy couldn’t stop us.
Before we captured some cool car shots Daniel gave his Dad a big squeeze. Priceless!
Kathy and Tim, your son is wonderful! You have done a great job.
Thank you for having Daniel be a part of our family :)
I can’t wait to see what you do next Daniel!
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