The Color Red And The Radish

Red is my favorite color…it used to be hard for me to admit that.


Many believe that the color signifies more base emotions like, anger, sex, aggression. While I may get angry or lusty occasionally… I think I am pretty mellow and like to  focus on the Positive power of red.

For instance, the creative energy it seems to activate in many people.

And guess what? radishes have that same power as a food! Cool, huh?

I was just reading that they (Radishes) eliminate toxins in the body, have  high amounts of vitamin C, and can help keep you hydrated!

Must be why they end up in salads so much.. But these lovelies were quite the treat in the very capable chef hands of Ms. Janice Binkert.

I really enjoyed spending the afternoon with Janice, watching her create and trying to help when I could. You can find her recipes  in the Spring issue of Edible Grande Traverse Magazine. (out now!)

Let me tell you, all of them were delicious! A perk of Food photography.

So what’s your favorite color? Are you okay with it?


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